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Rod Jones - Managing Consultant


Rod Jones is the Principal Partner of Jones International Consultants LLC and is a U.S. Navy Veteran.

The Consultancy has been in business for over 25 years. 

Prior to forming the Consultancy, Mr. Jones owned and operated a successful Los Angeles based creative services development and marketing company. During that period of operation the company was responsible for developing numerous print campaigns including mail order catalogs from merchandising to distribution. Additionally, the company orchestrated advertising campaigns including national television commercials for many branded products. 

Jones International has worked with many of the pioneers in the field of anti-aging medicine and nutrition companies and has been actively involved in the development, marketing, advertising and sales of numerous nutritional products worldwide, including ingestibles and topicals. The major focus of the Consultancy is to ensure that companies have well defined products, which can easily merge into the consumer marketplace. The Consultancy coordinates all factors in product development and rollout. 

Many of these campaigns included the use of direct response television, radio advertising and extensive print campaigns with special emphasis on New York Times Best Selling books featuring marketed products. Additionally, these campaigns were promoted through E-Commerce, Direct to Consumer sales programs and shopping channels. These combined efforts led to formidable rollouts into mass retail, specialty and health and nutrition stores. 

Product development, packaging, manufacturing, corporate and product image, clinical studies, peer review journal placement, FTC & FDA compliance issues, web marketing, e-commerce, public relations, marketing and sales, Jones International Consultants provides expert resources in all areas of product development and launch.

Jones International currently manages several web-based marketing campaigns including, social media marketing, affiliate programs, banner programs, Influencer & blogger programs, Amazon, and complete e-commerce site development.


Most recently Mr. Jones has created strategic alliances with top scientific, medical and drug researchers and has launched the company United Research Consultants LLC to provide the scientific and publishable research that is necessary in marketplace today. 

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