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Jaroslav Boublik - B.Sc.(Hons) Ph.D. (Med), AACNEM, MRACI, C.Chem. MICRS


Dr. Jaroslav Boublik was educated in Melbourne, Australia, and gained his B.Sc. (Hons) from the Department of Chemistry, Monash University, in 1981 and Ph.D.(Med) from the Department of Medicine, Monash University, in 1985.

He is an Associate Member of the Australian College for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, a Member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, and a Chartered Chemist. He is member of the Monash University and Fulbright Alumni Associations. He has held a Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellowship, a Neil Hamilton Fairley Postdoctoral Fellowship, and was an R. Douglas Wright Fellow.

Dr. Boublik has conducted research at Prince Henry's Hospital Medical Research Centre, The Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry in China, The Salk Institute, La Jolla USA, and the Baker Medical Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia. He has been an honorary lecturer at Monash University's Department of Chemistry, published over 30 peer reviewed and invited articles in scientific journals, presented almost 40 scientific papers at research symposia, and is an inventor on four patents. He has been nutritional adviser to several elite athletes, including Olympic medalists.

Dr. Boublik is a consultant to the nutrition R&D sector and a board member of several companies in nutritional medicine, complementary medical research and development and water-related technologies. He has published widely on the subjects of performance nutrition, hydration and water quality.

Dr Boublik has worked with a number of companies in the network marketing and direct sales industry and has a deep understanding of what leads to product success in these industries, both from the perspective of product development and product messaging. He has successfully created and managed several highly successful product ranges in these industries and is passionate about the power of person-to-person communication to foster product understanding.

Dr Boublik has been active in consumer product research and development and has created successful products in the nutritional supplement, beverage, functional food and skincare and transdermal categories. Between 2008 and 2017 in the USA he developed dozens of new products for client companies in nutrition, sports performance, hydration and functional foods.

Dr. Boublik spent three years as Lead OHSE Auditor for Australia’s peak scientific and industrial research organization, CSIRO, and this gave him deep insights into human behavior in a research environment and an understanding of environmental issues facing modern organizations.

Dr. Boublik’s latest research focus is on medicinal use of cannabis extracts for a range of therapeutic targets. This work, done as Chief Scientist for the LeafCann Group, heralds a new era of plant-based medicine for Australia.

Scientific Publications:   

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